East Side Avenues is a unique public/private partnership that provides capital and organizational support to transformational projects in targeted areas along four East Side commercial corridors.

As part of New York State’s economic development investment plan, $65 million is dedicated to the revitalization of Buffalo’s East Side through capital investments. East Side Avenues provides capacity building, funding and organizational support to complement five specific initiatives along Bailey, Fillmore, Jefferson and Michigan Avenues.

Doing Things Differently

Doing Things Differently: Listening to the Community

The inclusionary investment strategy for revitalizing Buffalo’s East Side entailed:

40+ listening sessions

Engagement of 250 community members

Taking Advantage of a Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

Understanding the tremendous opportunity to leverage New York State’s $65 million East Side Corridor Economic Development Fund, private and philanthropic organizations created a pooled $8 million East Side Collaborative Fund to support operations, programs, capacity building, and community infrastructure associated with five of these capital initiatives. East Side Avenues brings together these public and private funders, community non-profits, anchor institutions, consultants and the City to plan and coordinate revitalization activities aimed at improving economic conditions on Buffalo’s East Side.

Led by a Dedicated Team

The East Side Avenues Project Implementation Team (PIT), led by UBRI, is working to build organizational capacity by ensuring that appropriate supports such as infrastructure, staff and funding are in place; assisting with strategic planning, program design and problem solving; and reporting on progress.
UBRI is a research center of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning. The East Side Collaborative Fund is administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.


For more background, view the comprehensive East Side Plan.