The capital investment portfolio is a collaborative and coordinated effort to spark transformational change and result in lasting impact.


Targeted capital funding increases homeownership opportunities, ensures community anchors remain accessible, safe and relevant, improves key mixed-use properties to spur private investment, and enhances the streetscape along the corridors.

Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Fund

Increase homeownership, prevent foreclosure, and target zombie properties on the East Side.


MLK Park District

Ensure this historically significant community anchor remains an accessible, safe, and active asset for the community and region.


Broadway Market

Re-establish the Market as a viable and vibrant public shopping hub and attractive regional destination.


Community Solar Array at Northland

Develop a solar array at the City’s newest manufacturing hub to benefit neighborhood residents, draw tenants and facilitate hands-on training in the renewable energy sector.


Direct Project Assistance

Facilitate business growth and job creation by providing direct capital funds to key community projects.


Infrastructure to Support and Enhance Investments

Invest in targeted streetscape and infrastructure improvements that enhance and support programs and projects.


Capital for new programs, matched by more than $8 million from local foundations, strengthens the work of local nonprofit organizations. These programs support small business improvements, historic preservation, redevelopment training, and fundamental East Side anchors.

East Side Commercial Districts

Create an expanded building renovation program in four investment areas to improve the business climate, combat vacancies, and contribute to the overall revitalization of the corridors.


Community-Based Real Estate Development Training

Train East Side residents and building owners in real estate development.


Commercial Building Stabilization Fund

Establish a dedicated funding source to support stabilization of at-risk historic buildings in the target investment areas.


Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

Create a cooperative operating and business model and plan for capital improvements for a unified tourist destination around Michigan Street’s unique assets.


Central Terminal

Restore one of Buffalo’s most iconic buildings as a year-round, regional venue and asset for the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood.