New York State’s Empire State Development, through its local nonprofit community organization partners, is seeking contractors to perform façade and commercial space improvements and building stabilization projects such as roofing, masonry, structural repairs, and more.


  • There are 40+ buildings in the pipeline.
  • Project budgets will range from $50,000-$300,000+.
  • Façade projects are available on Jefferson, Fillmore, Bailey and Broadway.
  • Other project work is available in buildings throughout East Buffalo.
  • Minimum of 3 bids accepted/project.
  • Contractors have the opportunity to bid on several projects.
  • Contractors must meet these requirements.

For more details on contractor opportunities, view a presentation from Empire State Development and/or Erie County. See the full listing of specific opportunities below or use the search engine to find projects that fit your company’s specific interest.

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Project NameType of ProjectEstimated BudgetSponsoring Organization
3100 Bailey Ave. - Exterior AlterationsExterior siding, windows, storefront, masonry$100,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
2972 Bailey Ave. - Exterior AlterationsRoof replacement, masonry repairs, storefront, sidewalk$100,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
976-982 BroadwayExterior FacadeTBDBroadway Fillmore NHS
3076 Bailey Ave. - Exterior AlterationsExterior renewal of roof, siding, mechanical, side entry$110,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
3181 Bailey Ave. AdditionAddition and renovations to existing storefront building$150,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
3020 Bailey Ave. - Exterior AlterationsFacade alterations, masonry repairs, sidewalk replacement$110,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
3185 Bailey Ave Alterations - AnnRhod's TailoringWindows, siding, carpet, ceilings$50,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods
1239 Jefferson AvenueDemolition & Shoring up Brick Facade Walls$150,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
USA Occupational -- 902 Jefferson AvenueRoofing, facade, doors, signage, paintingTBDCitizens Alliance, Inc.
Parker Place -- 1339 Jefferson AvenueFacade, doors, windows, flooring, ceiling, painting, signageTBDCitizens Alliance, Inc.
Carl-Jeff Barbershop 859 Jefferson AvenueRoofing, facade, flooring, paintingTBDCitizens Alliance, Inc.
Mike's Lounge -- 1343 JeffersonFacade, door, window, flooring -- Roofing has been completedTBDCitizens Alliance, Inc.
198 Emslie StreetBrick Repointing, Roof Replacement$150,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
349 Broadway StreetRoof Replacement, Brick Repointing, Chimney Rebuild$79,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
578 Michigan AvenueRoof Replacement, Siding, Brick Repointing$92,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
1163 Jefferson AvenueRoof Replacement, Brick Repointing$92,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
1369 Jefferson AvenueRoofing, Siding$150,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
1362 Jefferson AvenueNew Floor, Brick Repointing$73,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
625 William StreetRoof Replacement, Brick Repointing$300,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
562 Genesee StreetRoof and Parapet$90,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
1517 Genesee StreetRoof Replacement, Brick Repointing and Masonry$150,000Preservation Buffalo Niagara
2981 Bailey Ave - City Fashion - Exterior AlterationsExterior facade alterations$40,000Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
Dexter’s Pharmacy, 1453 JeffersonMetal cornice repair, masonry workTBACitizens Alliance, Inc.
Mr. Love’s Barbershop, 1384 JeffersonInterior renovation of barber shopTBACitizens Alliance, Inc.
Project NameType of ProjectEstimated BudgetSponsoring Organization


For more background, view the comprehensive East Side Plan.