East Side Avenues oversees implementation and management of five programs, providing guidance, capacity building, peer-to-peer assistance and monitoring. Specific projects were chosen based on community input gathered through extensive stakeholder meetings, listening sessions and ideas submitted from residents and other stakeholders.

East Side Commercial Districts

Creating an expanded building renovation program in four investment areas to improve the business climate, combat vacancies, and contribute to the overall revitalization of the corridors. Read more.

Community-Based Real Estate Development Training

Training building owners who live on the East Side in real estate development. Read more.

Commercial Building Stabilization Fund

Establishing a dedicated funding source to support stabilization of at-risk historic buildings in the target investment areas. Read more.

Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

Creating a cooperative operating and business model and planning for capital improvements for a unified tourist destination around Michigan Street’s unique assets. Read more.

Central Terminal

Restoring the iconic building as a year-round, regional venue and asset for the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood. Read more.


For more background, view the comprehensive East Side Plan.